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Barcelona On line can help you to find the best accommodation in Barcelona for you, or you can just pick up the hotel or hostel you're interested in. You will find below our selection of some of the very best Hotels, ordered by category, and their area or district. Most of them are in the city center, other out of Barcelona (Around Barcelona). From the most luxuous 5 star hotels to the nicest and most inexpensive Barcelona hostels, and even the trendiest Barcelona youth hostels for backpackers. Follow the links below to see the hotel's web page.

If you prefer to book your accommodation in Barcelona by telephone. Our specialists will offer you our personnalized service. Just call us at the following number:(+34 Spain) 93 343 79 93.

Or if you want to have more accommodation info or our special offers just fill in the following FORM, ... Barcelona On Line answers in less 24h offering you the best option according to your requirements, as expressed in your form.

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If you need further information or booking transfers, guided tours, flamenco shows, Catalan festivals etc. do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 0034 93 343 79 93 or send and e-mail to

If you take part of a group that want to travel to Barcelona, we can help you organizing your trip. Contact us calling at +34 93 343 79 98. You will be able to enjoy the most exciting activities and tours.

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